What is vacuum and
pressure  hole forming?
Injection molding is the most popular so far.
However, recently vacuum and pressure hole forming has become widely available.
The reason is due to :

Achieve precision work sponse to injection molding
As new resin, are continuously developed due to improved plastic surgery technology and ability to build up By vacuum molding, pressure hole forming, Precision and appearance forming in respond to injection molding is being obtained
samll quantity batch production
You can develop molds at a lower price than other forming methods in a short time. It is the most suitable method for thinking in many different kinds and small quantities because it is easy to make partial design changes. The effects of vacuum molding and pressure hole forming are not known enough lately. Even in the a ctual utilizing area, many molds cost a lot to invest and get a small output. Therefore, we would like to introduce the basic concepts of vacuum molding, pressure hole forming.

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